Saturday, 24 December 2011

Transport, carrying case, bags

Here i have looked into how laptops are held whilst being transported round, they are carried under the arm, across the chest or in a bag which the strap goes over the shoulder. I was looking into wheter i could design the laptop to be easier to carry/hold by simply changing the shape or material of the laptop.

In the image above there is a nice design of a back pack which your laptop slides into, it is well padded and easy to carry, very handy for outdoor activites such as climbing.

 To the left is a sketch of how maybe i could change the form of the laptop to rest around the waist/body whilst carring it.

To the right is a sketch of how i could incorperate a bag into a laptop, withe the bag actually connected to the laptopwhich is easy to carry,and is simply unzip when needed to use the laptop, this would be waterproof and very tough, making it perfect for outdoor activities. 

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