Saturday, 24 December 2011


Whilst looking into carring a laptop i discovered that maybe they should be more gripable whilst carrying, giving the user more comfort whilst carrying thier laptop. here i have looked into grips and materials which are grippy and will add more stabillity to carrying a laptop.

The most common and used grip is rubber, but there are a few other materials like silicone and chrome which are also good grippable materials. chrome being gripable in the palm of the hand with heat making it grip, for example this material is used on the ipod touch, which works very well and is very effective, there is a little research on this product and how it grips below.

I also did abit more research into how people carry and hold there laptop, to figure out where extra grip would need to be positioned on the laptop.

In the image above i have identified where the grip would need to be mostly, that being down the middle and wider on the ends.

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