Saturday, 24 December 2011

Grip on laptop

Here i have played around with the shape and placement of the grip on the laptop.

The design above is the idea if the whole laptop was in a different materials such as rubber which would make it much more gripable and comfortable to hold, even the keys and buttons would be made from rubber.

This design is based around the honeycomb pattern, refering back to the nature aspect of things.
The honeycomb shape will be made from rubber grip stripes with the honeycomb shapes in the centre strip being fully grippable material

With the honeycomb pattern being made from rubber gives it much more grip and comfort for the user to carry their laptop.

The design to the right is similar to the honeycomb design above, but this design the grips take on the form similar to the pad of a lizard/geko, scaled pattern again taken from the image that represent nature and biomimcry.
 As you can see here the pattern is all over the face of the laptop but the area at the bottom is where i have noticed is the main area of contact whilst carrying the laptop, so therefore here will have the grippable material.
This image here shows how the laptop would be carried and also shows how my design of having the grippable material at the bottom would be the most effective area to have this.

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