Sunday, 8 January 2012

Final Design

Above is my final design, the overall result has turned out to be a very organic and sustainable by combining the organic shape of the laptop with its soft curves and the sustainability of the material which i have used.

Here you can see its features when the laptop is open, it has all the main funtions and features that exsiting laptops have such as an LCD screen, motion eye web cam and keyboard. The trackpad has the texture as the body of the laptop, but abit smoother as this will constantly be in contact with the consumer, with it being smoother will prevent any discomfort or injury. With the trackpad being the same material as the body of the laptop it is slightly comoflauged giing the laptop a nice little feature.

This is the rear view of the laptop when closed, as you can see the casing of the laptop is in one piece and gives the impression that there is no connection between the screen and the base of the laptop, again adding to the organic style of its design.

The key feature of this design is the material which i have chosen to manufacture the laptop out of as it is a very sustainable material, it has a really nice texture to it and also very good properties making it hard waring and protective.

side of laptop

Top view of laptop
Side profile
Perspective when closed
Perspective when open

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